Elegy I


You can pull the trigger,


The murder is already comitted

In a society I’m dead for.


And I don’t know if my death

Will ever cost as much as

Yours will

Because what’s the body

To a soul already dead

And cold?


All the things I’ve done

Have killed me,

But there’s nothing I regret,

There’s no time I forget.


So if you pull the trigger,

I’m pretty sure

You’ll turn the gun on yourself

’Cause you’re not a killer

And neither am I,

But I know

The rules of death

As I played along with it

When the night fell,

’Cause when you were asleep,

I was talking to my death

And when you were awake,

I was planning yours instead.



Elegy II


Hello, are you there?

I can hear you crying,

But it doesn’t matter,

Go ahead and cry

’Cause I’ve never heared someone

Crying like you do.


The hell is so silent...

You’re the only one left to cry

’Cause all the others did live and die,

And your crying

Is music for them,

It’s music for me


You’ve got no help,

No way,

No one to blame



Welcome to hell...


Foto: Mara Isvoranu

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