The Dragon's Gem- And the sky was red- Part one

The Dragon's Gem- And the sky was red- Part one

They were flying over mountains and valleys, faster than before, trying to get away from the army chasing them. The fainted girl was in Luca's arms, who was holding the saddle he was sitting on tightly.

Dante didn't like him, but he had to live with it as he was helping Christine, who was unconscious and badly wounded.

'How long until we get there?' the dragon asked, but it came out as a roar.

Lucas shook his head, managing to understand what he wanted to say. "Not long. The Resistance is just behind those hills and, luckily, the army lost sight of us some time ago." He answered in a strong Australian accent.

Dante obeyed and started losing altitude, in hope that those people could save Christine from death.

The stage from a few days ago has been replaced with a device weirdly similar to a guillotine. It still had the blade and all the other stuff, but it was larger and had spots where to put your hands, so it seemed like a combination between a guillotine and a pillory.


   Christine stopped staring at the odd machine and looked at everything else around it. The whole village was in chains and in a single line, patiently waiting for their deaths, as they had already lost any small trace of hope they had left. No one, no matter if they were women, men, children, elders, was given any mercy. She spotted her family somewhere very close to the guillotine, the only thing separating them being two other people. It was terrible and sickening, but the real nausea came when she recognized the next victim, his strawberry hair clearly standing out. And he was crying, as under the guillotine was his father.

She held back the urge to vomit and looked away, when another blood chilling scream pierced the air. All Christine wanted to do was just sit there, curled up in a ball, hiding from whatever sick people were doing the thing going on behind her.

She heard the machine being recharged, Lucas being dragged to it. "I ask you another time!" a voice she didn't recognize said. "Where. Is. The. Dragon?"

Suddenly, her heart dropped. The reason they were doing this, all of this, was to get to Dante. And, as she had these thoughts, she heard the familiar voice in her head.

"Don't. If you turn me in, they'll do much, much worse than this. Trust me."

"You have a lot of explaining to do." she said and turned back to look at the Town Square, where Lucas was still struggling to get out of the grasp of the one dragging him.

"I will, but not now. Now you have to fight." Dante whispered, and his words somehow were a lot more effective.

She stood up and kicked the barrel she was hiding behind out of her way, trying to get as much attention as possible. "Hey, losers! Over here! You missed one!"

And it worked. Partly.

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That's Us

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