The Dragon's Gem- Part 1

The Dragon's Gem- Part 1

                                      Part One: Beginnings


 Christine kept walking from a stall to another, looking at the merchandise, but without actually buying anything. Madden's Summer Festival was pretty famous, gathering people from all over the world to this small city to celebrate and meet new friends.

   After an hour of wandering around, she finally bought a leather bracelet for her twin and left for the town square, where a show was going to happen.

   'Christine!' She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around just to see her neighbor’s son, Lucas, smiling at her.

   She stared at him for a few moments. 'Nice seeing you too, Lucas. What brings you here?'

   The boy reddened a little. Christine could tell very easily when he was blushing because of his fair skin. Usually, when he was embarrassed or nervous, his face turned almost as red as his hair. She always envied his strawberry colored hair, mostly because hers was just the usual chocolate.

   'I- I-' he stammered, then took a deep breath. 'I was looking for you.'

   The girl was clearly shocked. 'For me? Why's that?'

   'You know the Summer Dance is coming and-' he stopped.

   'And?' She asked, still clueless.

   He turned his back at her, clearly trying to hide how red he became. 'You know what? Forget it...'

   Christine giggled, which didn't help Lucas calm down. 'It seemed pretty important.'

   The boy sighed. 'It seemed so, didn't it?' He faced the girl again. 'Anyway, where are you heading?'

   'Town square. Wanna come?'

   Luis shook his head. 'Sorry, but I can't. I'm a little busy.'

   'Oh...' Christine looked him in the eye and smirked. 'Okay then. See you around!'




   As expected, the Town Square was full of people waiting for the show to begin. Some famous actors were going to play Hamlet on a huge stage in the middle. Of course, Christine has already read that book some time ago, so she knew what the play was going to be about. She just wanted to see it live-action.

   She walked around the stage for a few times before she saw her brother sitting on a roof, a girl and a guy she didn't know next to him. Christine climbed a ladder and got next to them.

   'Hello, Morgan!' She shouted loud enough to scare her sibling.

   Morgan cursed, then looked at her. 'Sis. Glad you finally showed up.'

   I looked at the stranger. 'Who's the new guy?'

   'You really have no shame, Chrissy.' Her brother laughed. 'That'sBuster, Opal's Cousin.'

   Buster waved at Christine and she waved back, surprised. Opal, by the way, was Morgan's girlfriend. They new each other since they were kids and they finally confessed their feelings two years ago. They've lived happily ever after since then.

   Morgan looked for something in a bag, then took out a silver chain necklace with a ruby. He handed it to his sister and she took it, perplexed and grateful.

   'I- I don't know what to say.' She began. 'Thank you! It's so pretty!'

   But then she felt it and a shiver went down her spine. The ruby seemed to be pulsing, like a miniature heart. 


Grafica: Ilinca Costea

"Din gradină la uzină" - traseu turistic prin sectorul 6

"Din gradină la uzină" - traseu turistic prin sectorul 6

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