The Dragon's Gem - Holiday Special

The Dragon's Gem - Holiday Special

"Yo. It's ya favorite boy, Dante."

"Seriously, Dante? You really have to do that every time?"

"What do you mean? This is the first time I break the fourth wall and address them directly!"

"Just... Don't shout or make any loud noises in general, okay? I'm trying to concentrate..."

"Whatever you say, boss."


"Okay, okay."

"Are you still there? I hope you are..."

"Sorry about that. Christine is a little busy trying to figure something out at the moment, so she might be a little... How do I put this nicely? Cranky."

"Can you please keep it down?"

"And how do you expect me to do that? Can't you see I'm a flipping dragon?!"

"Okay, that's it. Out! You're grounded!"



Well... I just got kicked out... Great... Eh, I'm a dragon, so the cold doesn't bother me anyway.

Where was I? Ah, yes.

Merry Christmas to you all! We don't really celebrate it ever since... Not going to say it. I'm not here to give you spoilers.

Just note that this happens a couple of months after the the last thing you've read regarding this story, so it's not winter. I mean, it is now, but it isn't then.

As a Christmas present for all of you, I decided to answer a question that all of you are probably asking.

How did I get in that dungeon? Well, it's really simple. But first you have to know the whole story, from the beginning.

Welcome to my life story!


I was born on a cold winter night. I remember all my already hatched siblings cuddling next to our mother, but I was really shy, so I didn't really go to them until mum called me there. I was the youngest one, but that didn't really matter, as all dragons are immortal.

So... Yeah. I had a pretty okay childhood. I usually stood out as I was the only red dragon in my family, all of the others being blue, but I liked being different. Even though nobody knew the reason why I was like that.

We would play all day long, no worries in the world. Dragons have clans, all of them in different parts if the world. Our clan was on top of a mountain, which made it very hard to get to unless you could fly. That's why we weren't allowed to go too far.

Anyway, the day came when our mother taught all of us how to fly. That day was shown by our gems falling off. Of course, she started by teaching the eldest of her children, so I was the last to learn. But my inquisitive self was bored of waiting, so he wandered off. I saw a squirrel a few feet away, a thing I haven't seen before in my life. Actually, I haven't seen any other sort of animal but dragons over there, so I started chasing it. That's when I wandered too far and I got to the steep side. The squirrel jumped on a nearby tree but I couldn't stop from sliding down. It was terrible. I screamed and yelled as loud as I could, but I was way too far for anyone to hear me.

And that was when I fell off. I felt my heart drop and I almost gave up, when I remembered what Mother told my other siblings. I suddenly opened my wings and I started floating down with less speed than before. Then I started flapping them and I finally managed to stop myself from falling. But I was already under the clouds and I could see the armies gathering under our mountain. And I was sure they saw me too.

That was when I freaked out and flew straight back to our small village. Everybody was looking for me, but I didn't have time to sit there and listen to their lectures. I started telling them everything I've seen and panic began spreading through our camp. Everybody hid their gems the best way they could and got ready for attack, but the children weren't allowed to fight.

We waited a few minutes in silence, when a huge cloud of green mist appeared at the edge of the mountain. When it went away, it revealed hundreds, maybe thousands of people, all dressed up in shining body armours and with weapons in their hands.

Then both sides charged into battle and it was a total chaos. All of the children, including myself, were hiding in a cave with the gems, watching with terror the battle that was going down.

Of course people tried entering, but we didn't let them. Then the Queen happened. She came out of nowhere and cast a sleeping spell over each and every one of the dragons, that for whatever weird reason didn't work on me, allowing the humans to kill my family in cold blood. I was hiding in a corner, keeping the gems safe, but I noticed that as the dragons died, their gems were glowing brighter and brighter.

The Queen finally entered the cave and I could see a crazy look on her face. At last, she spoke. "All these years and the prophecy has proven to be true. You're destined to be something very powerful, but I won't allow that. And I'll also make sure to never find your other half, Son of Mars."

With that, she teleported to the gems and took mine out. "I command you-"

That was when she got zapped to the wall by a figure hiding in the shadows all along. The stranger hurried and took my gem, then told me something telepathically that I did not quite get, and ran away, teleporting hopefully at safety.

And for some strange reason, I trusted him. Yes, it was a he.

But the Queen came back to her senses and managed to finally put a sleeping curse on me, and that's when I woke up in her dungeon.

The End


"Wow, Dante... I never knew you had such a back story."

"Christine? What are you doing here?"

"I heard you talking to yourself so I guessed you needed some company."

"Very funny. Anyway, this is my history. Now we have to get back to work."

"We sure do. They're coming."

"Oh great. Just when I needed a break."

Redactor: Lara Ionescu
Grafica: Ilinca Costea

 Avion, copilărie

Avion, copilărie

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