The Dragon's Gem - Part 4 - Bonding

The Dragon's Gem - Part 4 - Bonding

The dragon tilted his head to the right just like any normal puppy. Well, he kind of was a puppy, but a lot larger... and with scales instead of fur... "Dante... Dante... I like it!"

   Chris smiled, satisfied, while admiring the mythical being standing in front of her. Dante looked majestic in the sunlight, its red scales shining like thousands of rubies... or just like the one on its chest. "It was the name my dog had." She said, trying to explain why she chose that name.

   The dragon frowned. "So you named me after your dog. You human beings are so weird..."

    Christine was about to object, when she heard the floorboards creak, a sign that someone was heading towards the front door. She panicked and her left leg started twitching like it usually did when she was stressed. "You have to go!" She said in the lowest voice possible, which was almost a whisper. When the creature stared at her blankly, she sighed in exasperation as she didn't have much time left. "Somebody's coming! Go! Hide!"

   This time, Dante listened and, with a huge flap of his wings, he flew out of sight. The girl thanked God in her mind just as her brother stepped out of the house, munching on a pancake.

   "Dad told me to call you back in." He said with no interest, then stepped back inside, followed by his sister.



   She thought jumping out the window was a good idea, but she then realized it wasn't, so she walked as sneakily and quietly as she could to the front door, the creaking floorboards almost giving her away.

   When she got outside, she sighed in relief and wiped the sweat off her forehead. This time she was dressed with a pair of pants, combat boots and a white shirt, literally the only clothes she could find that were right for what she was about to do.

   "Dante!" She shouted in her mind and she heard a soft growl in her head.

   "What?" The familiar voice growled in response. "I was sleeping..."

   Christine chuckled. "Well, wake up then. I always wished to be part of something important and now I am, so I want to enjoy it."

   The dragon made a sound that sounded like a scream mixed with a yelp. "I knew you were the right one!" He said, happily and the girl could feel a gust of air hitting her as Dante landed behind her.

   His eyes sparkled with excitement as he raised his head. "What have you got in mind?"

Redactor: Ionescu Lara
Grafica: Ilinca Costea

Înainte de Crăciun, vă istorisim O poveste alan-dala

Înainte de Crăciun, vă istorisim O poveste alan-dala