The Dragon's Gem - Part 3: The Ancient One

The Dragon's Gem - Part 3: The Ancient One

Christine looked at the creature and blinked, and the creature blinked back. They kept staring at each other until Christine rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't dreaming or anything. And when she opened them the dragon was still there, so that was settled.

"So..." Christine began but stopped when she noticed that her necklace was pulsing again. She took it off and saw that it was radiating a crimson red light.

The dragon looked curiously at the gem and walked forward, but Christine withdrew her hand. "Not so fast..."

She took the gem off the silver chain and started moving it around, the dragon following it with its gaze.

The creature growled as if to say that he was bored of her games and Christine sighed, then noticed a hole the shape of the gem in his chest and figured out what she had to do and stuffed the ruby back to its place. Then his history played in her head like she was watching a movie, a documentary about the life of the last dragon.

"That's better." A melodic and masculine voice said in her head and she freaked out.

"What in the world!?" She shouted, clearly startled by the fact that there was a voice inside of her head.

The dragon shook his head and the voice giggled. "Didn't expect this now, did you?"

Christine decided to stop talking out loud since people might consider her crazy in case they heard here. "Who are you and what do you want?" She thought.

   "I don't really have a name." He said. "But I go by many: The Last One Standing, Guardian, The Ancient One,  Ruby etc."

The girl stared at the ruby on his chest. "Ruby because of this?"

The dragon nodded... or at least it seemed like he did. "Yes. Every dragon has a soul represented by a gem. Mine is that ruby. If you posses a dragon's soul you can control them."

That sent a shiver down her spine, realizing what power she had in her hands. And she was glad she gave it back to its rightful owner.

"Anyway, apparently you are the chosen one, or else you wouldn't have been able to hear my voice. And you also got a part of my powers. Now all you have to do is name me."

"Name you?" Christine thought for a moment. "Dante."

Redactor- Ionescu Lara
Grafician- Ilinca Costea

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