Types of Teenagers

Types of Teenagers

I think that most of you, beautiful readers with amazing taste in teen magazines, have previously heard of this kind of stuff. Social media is packed with these “Types of… Whatever” articles, vlogs and lives. Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty easy way to get those teen-relatable views, only getting inspiration from what or who’s surrounding you.

So when the idea of trying this out popped into my head (and by that, I mean one of my friends suggested it to me when I was too desperate to function, because my deadline was soon and I had no idea what to write about ), I decided that I’ll try and give it a funny twist, to make a joke out of the whole thing.

DISCLAIMER: This is just an attempt at being funny, so if you don’t laugh at my sarcastic writing style, you can laugh at my lame sarcastic self and if you at least crack an almost invisible, tiny smile, then my job is accomplished.

So, that being said, let me introduce you to some of my extraordinary friends, who have kindly allowed me to label them, in such a way that you’ll be knowing them for only a small part of their complex, great personalities.

First, we have Anna, also known as Anucq, who identifies herself with a penguin, for no apparent reason. Actually, penguins can’t fly, Anna can’t fly either so I guess that explains it… Anna has an absolutely adorable, but sometimes creepy and invasive habit, and that’s what makes her our first type of teenager:



Anna: “Some people call this harassment, but I like to think of it as appreciation of my victim’s personality. Every time I see a friend, or even a familiar looking stranger, I go straight up to them and give them a big hug… Or at least as big as a tiny girl’s hug can get. I hold them until I see their faces turn into a beautiful, bright red and they start whispering sweet things, like “Help me!” or “I’m dying!”.”

Moving on to the guy whom I’ve known ever since I was a toddler, the first thing I have to say about Ovidiu is that he is so many things (intelligent, cool kid, dancer, football player etc. ) that it was pretty difficult for me to find a label for him, so I went for…



Ovidiu: ”One day I didn’t feel like wearing sneakers to school, I mean, shoes are overrated, right? So I put on some nice, pink socks and a green pair of flip flops that were matching my shirt, and went on with my day. Guess who everyone was talking about that day?”

And finally, let me introduce you to the guy who can easily get away with pretty much anything, because he always knows exactly what to say and then he says it at the right time. Most probably, when you see him he’ll be flirting with a random girl, but those who know him well are very aware of the fact that his heart belongs to his dearest Gina. Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only, Adrian Mihai Petrache, interpreting…


*in denial*

Adi: “I really like talking to people and being in contact with them. Usually, when I enter a room, I always try and socialize with someone new, especially with girls, since I have a big passion for them. The term “showman” is too big for me, you could rather say that I like being remarked, but not “the main attraction”, because I’m not a Hollywood shining star or a Grammy winner… Yet. I love making people laugh, it’s like a goal for me, to make people feel good. Soo, that’s me. If you want to know more, message me on Facebook (if you are a girl, of course).”

There you go, these are three types of teenagers whom I know and I love, and even if you don’t know one of these guys, I suggest you introduce some in your lives!

Foto: Monica Seiceanu

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